Samurai Sword Soul Coming to JapanFest

AB9A8325.jpgSamurai Sword Soul (SSS) was founded by Yoshi Amao in 2003 to expand the Bushido, the samurai spirit. Since then, SSS’s numerous performances, an engaging mix of comedy routines, humanistic-themed drama, and thrilling sword fights have attracted a wide range of audiences in New York. Their sword technique is based on centuries-old traditional sword fighting from Japan, Waki ryu style, the essence of kendo, iaido, karate, and kabuki dance. Now imbuing traditional Japanese sword fighting arts with more contemporary essence and their own artistry, they have established unique “Samurai Sword Soul Style.”


SSS began performing for the Cherry Blossom Festival in Brooklyn Botanic Gardens in 2003 and has expanded to New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Washington DC, Atlanta, St. Louis, Springfield, Houston, Indianapolis, and Quebec, Canada. They also performed for the “Last Samurai” Premier event,  New York Anime Festival, Japan Day at Central Park, New York Fringe Festival, EM Con, and more. They have also appeared often on TV including NY1, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX TV, and others.

This time we will have Koji Nishiyama, Toru Ohno, and the director of SSS, Yoshi Amao. Enjoy the samurai world at


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