Executive Round Table Breakfast Series May 12th


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REGISTRATION | 申し込み: www.JASGeorgia.org/event-2523396


The Japan-America Society of Georgia presents an Executive Round Table Breakfast Series exclusively for executives, managers, and business leaders from Japanese/American companies to better manage challenges and difficulties and find effective solutions and innovative ways to improve business operations within their specific industries. This Executive Round Table will be a dynamic mix of presentation and discussions, giving you a new perspective on leading today’s diverse workforce. 

ジョージア日米協会では日米企業の社長、役員などの経営者層、またビジネスリーダーの皆様を対象にエクゼクテイブラウンドドテーブル朝食会を開催いたします。多様な人々が働く今日の職場を率いていく皆さま、新たな視点で取り組んでみませんか? 今回のエクゼキュテイブランドテーブルではプレセンテーションとともに活発なデイスカッションを企画しています。

U.S.-Japan Inter-Cultural Business Management


  • How can companies better manage cultural differences in business practices among Japanese and American employees and clients?


  • How can Americans effectively communicate with Japanese, and vice versa, in business negotiations with customers and internal company communications?


  • How can Americans and Japanese overcome stereotypes to efficiently work together



 Friday, May 12, 2017

5月12日 (金)

7:30 am – 9:00 am

Hotel Indigo Atlanta Vinings

2857 Paces Ferry Rd SE

Atlanta, GA 30339

Members: Free! | Non-Members: $20





Japan-America Society of Georgia

3121 Maple Drive, Suite 224

Atlanta, GA 30305

404-842-1400 TEL

404-842-1415 FAX



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