JASG Japanese Classes-Spring 2017

The Japan-America Society of Georgia (JASG) will host the Spring Session of Japanese Classes. 

These Japanese classes will focus on communication skills needed in business environments as well as everyday conversation.  The courses will also center on inter-cultural communication and integrating important Japanese business and cultural etiquettes. 

For new students with prior experience studying Japanese, a telephone interview can be arranged to determine the appropriate class level.  The textbook used for this course is Japanese for Busy People (JBP) and can be purchased through the JASG.

All classes will begin the week of April 17th , 2017 and will continue for 8 weeks (6:30 to 8:30 PM once a week).   Final details will be confirmed once registration has been completed.

These classes are perfect for…

Ø 2017 JET Program Applicants & Participants

Ø People taking the 2017/2018 JLPT Japanese Proficiency Test(s)

Ø Businessmen and women who have or seeking Japanese clients and partners

Ø People working in Japanese companies

Ø Students learning Japanese who want to get extra practice

Ø People who are planning or want to work in Japan

Ø Anyone interested in Japan who wants to learn more about Japan

Please visit www.jasgeorgia.org/Japanese-Language-Classes to register online or complete and return the registration form by mail or email along with your payment to the JASG by theregistration deadline of Thursday, April 14th , 2017


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