Panic on The Streets : No, The End of FRUiTS Magazine is Not The End of Harajuku Fashion

“Aoki announced FRUiTS would stop publishing via a short article on the Japanese website Fashion Snap. Within days, several English-language blogs declared Harajuku over, writing that there must not be enough cool kids left in Harajuku for FRUiTS Magazine to continue. FRUiTS Magazine was dead, Harajuku must be dead too – so the theory went. The only problem with that theory — put forward by people who may or may not have ever even visited Harajuku — is that Shoichi Aoki never said that, and he definitely doesn’t believe that Harajuku is dead. In fact, only days after the FRUiTS announcement, we ran into Aoki on the street in Harajuku. What was he doing? Looking for stylish kids to photograph, as he’s been doing for the last twenty years.If Aoki is still shooting Harajuku kids, why did FRUiTS Magazine die — and what does it mean for the future of Harajuku street fashion?” Read more here.


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