Fight Hunger with Onigiri!

TABLE FOR TWO USA (TFT) is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization that aims to right the global food imbalance through a unique meal-sharing program. TFT started in Japan and now operates in 14 countries including the Unites States.

We would like to inform you about our fun and meaningful global campaign: World Food Day Campaign 2016 – Change the World with Onigiri. From 11 October, we have started our global campaign through 30 November, which includes celebrating United Nations World Food Day on 16 October.

To celebrate World Food Day, TFT as an NPO with roots in Japan will promote our onigiri (rice ball) campaign and build support for the enjoyment of Japanese food culture. The campaign`s theme – “Change the World with Onigiri” – is a call for social action to think about food imbalances in the world.

Specifically, in this campaign, for every onigiri photo posted on our campaign site, our sponsoring companies will donate money which goes towards providing five school meals to children in need in East Africa as well as improving school meal systems in local communities in the United States. For the campaign to be a success, we need your help to join us in following ways:

  • Post onigiri photo on the campaign website (any onigiri-related photos are      welcome!);
  • Post onigiri photo with #OnigiriAction on your social media;
  • Have onigiri event, workshop, party, etc. and post the photos; and,
  • Share the campaign information (e-mail, SNS, display the poster).

Last year, more than 5,000 photos were posted from all over the world which provided enough money to fund 25,000 school meals. This year, our aim is even higher and we would appreciate gratefully your participation.

For further details, including how to upload photos, posters to use, and onigiri recipes, see the links below.

Also, please follow the campaign at: #OnigiriAction

Please join our Onigiri Campaign 2016! One small Onigiri can make a large change!

We are looking forward to seeing your onigiri photos and sharing your fun times.


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