For Godiva Boss, Outcome Follows Form, in Business as in Archery

Lifting his bow in the ancient Japanese tradition, Jerome Chouchan takes a deep breath. He quiets his mind so as to be in relaxed concentration and then — “puff” — effortlessly the arrow is released.

Chouchan began practicing kyūdō (Japanese archery) 25 years ago. Kyūdō removed him from the constant pressure of the business world, providing a private “inner garden” where he engaged in the search for self.

At the start, both activities were unconnected. Business was all about achieving outward results, whereas the Zen-like martial art was about achieving personal growth. Little by little the two became intertwined in his mind, as kyūdō began revealing hints that could be applied to business. In his book titled “Target,” Chouchan shares how the philosophy of kyūdō increased company performance and made business more enjoyable.

Where business is about achieving outward results, kyūdō is a battle fought only in the mind against oneself. The aim is to quiet the mind from thoughts of worry, self-doubt, fear of failure and so forth, so the archer can learn to do what in a relaxed state of concentration comes naturally: hitting the target.

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