Czech Festival in Tokyo: This First Ever In Japan

TOKYO — 2016 has been a bright year for the steadfast relationship between Japan and the Czech Republic. Just this June, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the Technological agency of the Czech Republic and the Japanese New Energy Industrial Development Organization. Both parties signed this document to solidify their willingness collaborate through research and create conditions for their successful and effective cooperation. There was a ceremony and lunch to honor the new bond between these two nations.



Japan is publicly celebrating its Czech Republic relations this year with its first Czech Festival in Tokyo. This event will strengthen the relationship between these two nations by paving way to positive atmosphere for Czech living in Japan, educating those who are not familiar with Czech culture, and promoting mutual understanding between to different societies.


The Czech Festival will feature: Czech beer and wine, the Czech Republic anime goods, natural skin care cosmetics, picture books, live performances, and Czech music concert, Moravian folk songs, folk dance, Czech animation screenings, tourist information, demonstration of Marionette production, and parent-child workshops of Amalka.

This festival will be held on September 28th and continue through October 1st 2016 at the JP Tower · KITTE B1F Tokyo City eye performance zone. Admission is free.


Read more about the festival here:

Read more about the Czech-Japan Memorandum of Understanding here:


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