The JASG Needs Your Help!

As you know, Atlanta will be host to the 2016 Japan-America Grassroots Summit from October 4-11, 2016. Atlanta and 15 cities in Georgia will open their hearts to approximately 150 guests from all over Japan for a 1-week cultural and friendship exchange program for all ages.

With less than 1 month away, the JASG staff, volunteers, and committee members have been working hard to finalize all of the planning and preparations for all of the different aspects of the Summit. While we have been able to secure a great group of corporate sponsors (Grassroots Summit Sponsors), we are still seeking individual contributions through our KickStarter Campaign, to help hire local artists to share gospel, bluegrass, and barbershop quartet music with our Japanese guests. (We have only until Sunday, September 18, 2016 to raise our target goal of $4.000.) The entertainment will create the perfect atmosphere for participants to forge lifelong friendships with their American hosts and understand true Southern hospitality. 

Time is of the essence–so please join me in making a donation through The Society’s Kickstarter Campaign. No contribution is too small–if each supporter can make a small donation (e.g. $5, $10, $20),  we will reach our goal with no trouble. We have raised $900 to date, but will not receive any funding from KickStarter unless we reach our target goal of $4,000.

The American participants in last year’s Summit in Oita Prefecture were treated like royalty, so thank you for helping us to ensure that our Japanese guests will experience the same when they visit us here in the State of Georgia!


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